Benefits of Picket Fence
Benefits of Picket Fence

Garden Fence Types – Advantages and Disadvantages

Before the purchase of a fence, one should first consider whether it should be exclusively functional, whether only the optical aspect is important or both plays a role. In the selection of the material, the price is often a decisive criterion, because the price differences can sometimes already considerably be. 

However, the quality should not be ignored, because quality also has its price. That does not mean that quality always has to be expensive. Ultimately, personal taste is crucial. In this case picket fence contractor can help you to choose the correct company chicago.
Picket Fence
Garden fences of metal

A metal fence can also underline the architecture of a building. Most of these are made of aluminum or steel. A garden fence made of metal is representative and emits a certain value in most cases. The range of fences decorated with bows, ornaments and patterns and simple designs is very diverse. Accordingly, the initial costs vary greatly depending on the model.

Types of metal fences


Aluminum fences also offer many design options due to the different designs. Design and shape as well as color are freely selectable according to personal taste. Also the color designs are hardly limits. Positive features of an aluminum fence are its low weight, corrosion resistance, durability, robustness and stability. 
These fences are particularly suitable for front gardens and are available in many different styles depending on personal taste. Particularly in demand are baroque and antique versions or styles. They are made of galvanized iron, which, among other things, can be combined very well with masonry posts. Even if they are among the most expensive, wrought-iron fences exude a special charm.

Advantages and disadvantages of metal fences


Garden fence metal fence an anodized, galvanized or powder-coated metal fence stands out for its corrosion resistance and long durability. In addition, these fences have a special stability due to the coating. It is significantly emphasize or influence the look of a house or a garden. 

Aluminum impresses above all with its low weight, its high-quality appearance and easy processing or assembly. Although a steel fence has a much higher weight, it is very stable and resistant. 

A modern metal fence is usually very easy to care for and, unlike wood, does not require any additional painting. But you can still be provided with very individual paintings despite everything. 

The construction of a metal fence is usually very expensive. Also seen in terms of price, metal fences with the exception of the chain link fence are very expensive. Particularly dense metal fences can be very bulky and squat. If the metal fence is not made of a stainless metal, it will not be able to withstand rain and moisture for very long.


When buying a fence, the purpose, the type of fence and the material play a role. In addition, if necessary, building regulations must be observed. No matter which material you choose, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the personal taste decides, but the quality should not be ignored.